Eternity by Destiny Akoji Daniel

“Presidents of the nations have their specific time frame in office and once their tenure elapses, another president emerges. Have you ever heard that God was impeached, dethroned or his tenure over?
Our God is ETERNITY, He is seated on the throne forever and ever and nobody, not any mighty man, not any spirit can contest or fight for his throne. He’s God all by himself.

“Eternity” is a song that will lift your spirit to hail the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

“The emphasis on Verse 2 of the song is about the mightiness of the name of Jesus, when you call upon the name “JESUS”, he will descend from above to heal all sickness, attending to people’s needs because the name is powerful to save and to deliver.

“Eternity” song came while I was observing my quiet time with God. It came powerfully that I couldn’t stop singing it until my keyboard went off due to power failure. The atmosphere was heavy so much so that my neighbours approached me in the morning to find out what transpired.

“My joy and my expectation is for this song to be sang across the nations, churches and for worshipers to use this song to invoke the presence of God and in the end, for Jesus to take all his glory.” – Destiny Akoji Daniel

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