WWE’s Natalya Opens Up About India Visit, Wrestling Career, and WWE’s Women’s Revolution | EXCLUSIVE

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WWE Superstar Natalya recently made her first trip to India as part of WWE’s Live House Show ‘WWE Superstar Spectacle’ in Hyderabad, taking on WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley for the title. In an exclusive interview with News18 Sports ahead of the Superstar Spectacle, Natalya talked about her first impressions of India, her remarkable wrestling career, and the changing landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE.”I’ve been wrestling for over two decades,” she said. “I’ve been around this my entire life, and this is my very first time in India. It was my very first time wearing a sari. It’s surreal being here, and I feel on top of the world.”

When asked what she liked about India, Natalya said right away that the people there are very kind and helpful. “Everybody has just been so nice to me and so warm and welcoming from the second that I got off the plane,” said Natalya.

She remembered how her uncle had always said good things about the people he met in India in 1996.

“I remember my uncle talking about being here in 1996, and he said that he never forgot his experience in India because of the people. It was one of the reasons why I wanted to come here so much because, for Brett coming to India, he said it was a life-changing experience for him,” she said.

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Natalya has had an amazing 17-year WWE wrestling career, and she is the proud owner of many Guinness records for a female wrestler in WWE. She laughed when asked what her secret was for continuing in the industry for so long. She said she is constantly looking to set new records and to show her passion for the sport and her determination to always push the boundaries, she wants to become the female wrestler with the most submission victories in WWE history.

“I actually have a new world record coming,” she declared. We’re working to make it happen. Largest wins in submission of any male or female in WWE history.”

Natalya also talked about how inspiring the legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio has been, who is still very successful in the ring even after many years.

“For me, I think what motivates me, drives me, and inspires me is to do what I love and to be doing it. I think about Ray Mysterio, and I think he’s been wrestling for so many decades, and he’s doing the best work of his career. He is somebody who inspires me, and I love what I do. I’ve been firing on all cylinders,” added Natalya.

Regarding the current status of women’s wrestling in the WWE, Natalya paid homage to the powerful women who are defying stereotypes and earning a place in the main event.

“I feel like the women of WWE right now, we’re only getting better and better in our levels, and our performances that we’re competing at are just… We’re second to none.”

She went on to agree with WWE executive Triple H that a good match is a good bout, regardless of gender.

“And it’s funny; I heard Triple H say this in an interview. He said he doesn’t look at it like a good woman’s match. He said he looks at it as a good match. If a match is good, it’s a good match. And he said that he loves when women break down barriers where people watch the match and go,” said Natalya.

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Natalya also spoke highly of women wrestlers like Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Ria Ripley, and others who are changing the profession. She expressed her happiness for the new wave of female celebrities rising through the ranks as well.

“The women are doing that. We’re main eventing Raw, we’re main eventing SmackDowns, we’re main eventing pay-per-views, and we’re main eventing WrestleManias, and we’re doing it and we’re changing the game. I’m so proud of women like Becky Lynch and myself, Bianca Belair and Ria Ripley, and so many women who are just kicking ass and taking names. I’m excited to see so many of the new women come up and show us what they can do,” said Natalya, signing off.

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