Why Lalit Modi Won’t Sush About His New Relationship

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After an uncharacteristically long gap, Lalit Modi is back in the news. It could hardly be suggested that he made connections, shall we say, with Sushmita Sen in order to come back in the news. But clearly this liaison, or relationship, was not a fulfilling enough end for Lalit Modi.

The tweeted pictures were certain to generate gossip. The two were announcing some sort of togetherness to the world. They needed one another, no doubt in their way, but both needed that to get talked about.

Understandably, because both have lived on a diet of publicity.

In their different ways, Miss Universe is about as high as it gets in the world of commercial beauty, and IPL has been a runaway success. After getting knocked out of both Indian Premier League (IPL) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Lalit Modi spoke passionately, if vaguely, about a new venture in sports that would shake up the world, as IPL had. Nothing came.

Not surprisingly. Lalit Modi’s brand of business needs the support of governments and of the politically powerful who can in some way be persuaded. Following the cricket scandals and the expulsion from the BCCI, Lalit Modi became too tricky to touch without risk of getting tainted with corruption for reasons earned or not.

Nor has he found it easy to get the British government and sports bodies in the UK to buy into his brand of business. The plain fact is that Lalit Modi is a has-been, and that cannot be a position he likes much. With Sushmita Sen and the advertisement of a liaison, Lalit Modi is back in the public eye, for the moment at any rate. For a man like him, getting forgotten must feel like serious punishment.


Britain and all of Europe are not likely to get much sympathy from India, but the heat wave sweeping Europe is proving to be no less devastating than a bad heat wave in India. Temperatures in Britain are expected to hit 40°C on Monday and Tuesday. At places in Europe, the temperature has hit all of 48°C already. That is extreme even by standards of north India in June.

It’s getting much hotter very quickly. The traditionally cautionary wisdom that seasonal temperature rises are not a sign of climate change has been dropped quickly. The weather has closer links with climate than argued by many seeking to limit the effects of climate change if not deny them altogether. Europe is now unrecognisably hotter than it was 20 to 30 years ago. If this is a result of climate change, as it seems almost certainly now to be, then that change is coming very fast indeed.

And once again, we could be returning to that doomsday prediction that has never quite gone away, the end of the world is nigh. If it were to go on getting hotter in line with the pattern over the past couple of decades, the end could well be nigh, of at least the world as we currently know.

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