Weightlifting Gold Dedicated to Grandparents, Says Emotional Jeremy Lalrinnunga

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Commonwealth Games 2022 gold medallist Jeremy Lalrinnunga was elated with his performance in Birmingham but feels he could have done better yet.

The teenager from Aizwal, who lifted a total of 300 Kg, 140 Kg in snatch and 160 in the clean and jerk, shared his thoughts on a plethora of topics after his remarkable achievement.


“I was really happy. I couldn’t fulfil my own expectations but I wanted a gold medal and I won it. I’m really happy,” said Jeremy.

“It was going well. As soon as I started warming up, I got cramps in my inner thighs. I couldn’t walk, even sitting was painful and standing up was painful” said Jeremy regarding the discomfort he experienced ahead of his event.

“But, while warming up I lifted 120KG, we thought that we would try 160KG and then go on stage try to go for the record. But, that couldn’t happen because anything can happen in the game. But still, coach sir really motivated. I was even crying. After lifting got finished, I found out that coach sir gave me 156KGs to lift.”

Jeremy shared his feeling pertaining to the wishes and messages he had received from the nation that united to witness the 19-year-old sensation bag the yellow metal in the men’s 67 Kg weightlifting event.

“I am really happy to see the reactions. I got a lot of messages and even the PM tweeted for me and the people of the country have given me so much love, I got inspired by it and it gave me motivation for the upcoming Olympic games.”

Jeremy was confident about the strides the nation has been making in the world of sport and weightlifting in particular.

“From youth world to Junior Olympics, I have played continuously to compete at this level and we got so much support from SAI and the government. Young-athletes like have gotten a lot of support and they provide us with everything that is why we are moving forward in every game. In weightlifting, We have progressed a lot in the past 5-6 years and we will win Olympic gold.”

After his Birmingham heroics, there is no doubt that the CWG 2022 gold medallist will have an eye on the Olympic medal in Paris 2024.

The weightlifter, overwhelmed by emotions during the event, said that he chose to dedicate the victory to his grandparents.

“I cannot credit just one person. Because everyone worked really hard. I fought for this gold medal despite all the muscle problems and lack of warming-up. I would like to dedicate this medal to my country, coaches, staff and my grandparents.”

One of six siblings, Jeremy also opened up about the challenges he had to face growing up in difficult circumstances.

“We faced a lot of adversities because my father is a PWD labourer. He barely makes 5 to 6,000 rupees. We are 5 brothers and my mother. It’s really difficult to manage. But now I’m in the army. I also earn for the family so it has gotten a little better.”

“My father was a boxer. He also won some medals in the nationals. He shares his own experiences with me about how difficult it is and how hard you have to work. My family really inspires me.”

“In 2018, my grandfather passed away before I went to the Youth Olympics. I felt bad because I couldn’t go to see him. Soon after that, in the same year, my grandmother passed away. That is why I want to dedicate my victory to them.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieq3MqAhA4Q” width=”942″ height=”530″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe> <p>Jeremy also reflected on the celebrations back home after his landmark triumph in England.</p> <p>“We talked a lot. The whole village came to our house to congratulate us. My parents got a lot of media attention. I was really happy to see that.”</p> <p>The youngster’s genuine affection for the nation and his fellow athletes is also something to admire, as he says  “Whenever one of our teammates is competing, we scream so much that our Blood pressure fluctuates. I feel like I’m the one doing the lifting.”</p> <p>Read all the <a href=Latest News and Breaking News here

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