‘Unheard By HR Dept’, Air India Pilots Write About Their Salary Concerns To Ratan Tata

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Air India Pilots' union seeks Ratan Tata's intervention.

Air India Pilots’ union seeks Ratan Tata’s intervention.

The letter also underlined how the issue is affecting their morale.

Over 1,500 Air India pilots have written to Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata, seeking his intervention after the airline announced its new salary structure without any prior consultation. The pilot’s union have appealed to the industry tycoon to take action as they claim that the company doesn’t treat them with respect and dignity. In the letter, they also mentioned that the complaints went unheard by the HR department of the airline.

According to media reports, the letter was sent to Ratan Tata after the two parties failed to come to work terms on the issue of recently announced work conditions and pay structure.

The letter read: “We believe that your benevolent leadership can help us find a solution that is fair and respectful to all parties involved.”

Last week, the Tata Group-owned airline announced a new salary structure for pilots and cabin crew but the staff was unhappy with the revised paychecks. The main argument was about promoting captains with more than four years of experience in management.

On Tuesday, Air India conducted a town hall meeting but didn’t address the newly revised pay structure of its pilots.  It is worth noting that the meeting came days after the pilot unions, Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) and Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG), on April 21 sent legal notices to Air India.

In the letter, the pilots also addressed their complaints towards the HR department of the airline saying that they are “facing a difficult situation” with the current department. “Our concerns are not being heard or addressed by the current HR team,” stated the letter.

The letter also underlined how the issue is affecting their morale and are concerned that it will affect their ability to perform their duties.

While seeking Ratan Tata’s assistance in their issue they also claimed that they would not have “disturbed” the industrialist if “this issue had not been this important.”

The Air India pilots have also requested Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran’s intervention to resolve the issue.

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