UK PM Contender Rishi Sunak, Wife Akshata Murthy Perform Gau Puja in London

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UK prime minister frontrunner and Conservative Party leadership candidate Rishi Sunak was spotted performing gau pooja (cow worship) in London. The MP from Richmond was seen alongside his wife Akshata Murthy while performing the ceremony in London.

Sunak is seen performing an aarti with Akshata in London with a brass tumbler in his hand and offering holy water to the cow. The priest standing next to them was seen handing over an earthen lamp to the couple as they sought blessings from the cow.

The cow is seen as a holy and auspicious animal by Indians.

After the video went viral, Indians as well as Indians living abroad lauded Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy – the daughter of Infosys founder NR Narayan Murthy – for adhering to their Indian traditions.

Sunak’s Indian-origin supporters as well as Indians back home who are praying for his victory on September 5 earlier applauded the former chancellor to the exchequer for visiting the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple in UK during Janmashtami earlier this month.

“Today I visited the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple with my wife Akshata to celebrate Janmashtami, in advance of the popular Hindu festival celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday,” Sunak posted pictures of him and Akshata with this caption ahead of Janmashtami on Instagram.

Rishi Sunak continues to receive the support of many Indians as well as diaspora Indians for his religious practices. He was applauded by many when he celebrated Diwali outside his residence when he was the chancellor to the exchequer under prime minister Boris Johnson.

He also received support from Hindus living in North America. The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), an organisation in the US that was founded in 2015, also endorsed Rishi Sunak earlier this month.

“We endorse Sunak not just because he is a Hindu but like the Republican Hindu Coalition, Sunak fully embraces our core values and its founding principles: The Four F’s: Free Enterprise with Limited Smaller Government, Fiscal Discipline, Family Values and Firm Foreign Policy – Sunak is a true champion of the conservative movement,” the RHC said.

A havan ceremony was also organised wishing for Sunak’s victory and his well-being by diaspora Indians in London.

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