Twitter Blue Subscription Coming Soon To India: What Elon Musk Said

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Twitter Blue is expanding its reach into more countries as Elon Musk looks to build the monetisation model for Twitter to increase its revenues. The platform rolled in its new feature of charging $7.99 a month for its ‘Blue Checkmark’ service, which includes its sought-after “verified” badge if users sign up now.

But the feature is limited to select countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. One user on Twitter questioned Elon Musk about Twitter Blue coming to India, to which Musk said, “Hopefully, less than a month.” This is the first time when Musk is talking about the Indian market and its reference to the Twitter Blue verification.

When he says less than a month, it is possible that the Indian version of Twitter Blue might roll out by the end of November. Musk has talked about keeping the price of Twitter Blue proportionate to the country and its overall spending. Twitter Blue is available for $8 per month (Rs 656 approx) in the countries where it is already available.

But it is likely that Twitter Blue’s price in India will be customised based on how the people in the country tend to pay. Some suggest it could be around Rs 100 per month, while we reckon it will be closer to Rs 200.

Also, Twitter Blue is limited to iOS for now, which is not going to be effective in India, where over 90 per cent of the users are on Android. It is possible that Musk’s timeline basically covers the gap, allowing Twitter on Android to support the Blue subscription.

Either way, it will be intriguing to see how Twitter goes about its plans with Blue in India, its pricing and what all features will be made available to the users in the country, which is regarded as one of the biggest markets for the platform.

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