Time of Explosion, How to Watch Twin Tower Demolition LIVE

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Noida Twin Tower Demolition Today: A few hours from now, people of India are set to witness the biggest demolition the country has seen till date, as the Noida twin towers are set to be razed at 2:30 pm on Sunday. The Supertech twin towers, set to be demolished for being constructed illegally are taller than Delhi’s iconic Qutub Minar, and it is likely to be a breathtaking spectacle to see them being reduced to dust and debris in less than just 15 seconds.

Noida Twin Tower Demolition Time

The Supertech twin tower demolition will take place at 2:30 pm on Sunday where the buildings, Apex and Ceyanne, will crumble like a house of cards. While the process to make the buildings ready to be razed took weeks, they will be demolished in less than 15 seconds. However, residents have been asked to vacate the neighbourhood by 7 am today, and will only be permitted to enter their homes post 7 pm with consent.

How to Watch Noida Twin Tower Demolition LIVE

The Noida twin tower demolition will be streamed live on News18 TV channel. One can also watch it on the News18.com website under the Live TV section. Apart from this, interested people can also keep an eye on the live blog on the news18.com website where minute-to-minute updates will be provided.

Noida Twin Tower Demolition: Explosives Used

The demolition would be done through a controlled implosion technique for which over 3,700 kg of explosive will be used in the eye-popping event that would also leave behind a whopping 55,000 tonnes of debris to be managed.

The explosives, which were charged by digging 94,000 holes in the two towers, are made of dynamite, emulsions and plastic explosives. Edifice Engineering will conduct the process.

Who Will do the Job?

Edifice Engineering’s project manager Mayur Mehta said only six people, including three foreign experts, Indian blaster Chetan Dutta, a police officer and himself, will remain within the exclusion zone to push the button for the blast. Instead of Joseph Brixman, Chetan Dutta will press the final button, he told IANS.

Mehta’s Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering has been tasked with safely pulling down the structures. Edifice has roped in South African experts Jet Demolitions for the project. The whole exercise is being overseen by the local Noida Authority.

How Will the Noida Twin Towers Come Down?

On duration of demolition, Mayur Mehta said first all explosives would bust in a series from bottom floor to the top in eight to nine seconds, and then the buildings would take another four to five seconds to come down with the whole event taking place under 15 seconds. “The buildings are planned to come down in the south-west direction, away from the nearby buildings and towards the open area,” Mehta said.

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