The court closes Sowunmi’s case against Ogun PDP faction

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Segun Sowunmi, a factional candidate for governor of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State, had filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal in Abuja, asking for the dissolution of the Ogun PDP executives from the state to the ward level. 

In a same vein, the court denied Sowunmi’s request to instruct the Ogun PDP to form a three-person committee to manage the party’s operations. 

The appeal court determined that Sowunmi’s case was an intra-party matter, which the court lacks jurisdiction over, in a lead ruling written by Justice Chidi Uwa.

The court determined that Sowunmi’s lawsuit did not qualify as a pre-election matter because it was based on Sowunmi’s claim that the Ogun PDP was biased against him by buying Oladipupo Adebutu’s governorship nomination form, according to the certified true copy of the judgment that our correspondent sighted on August 15.

The appeal requested an order immediately dissolving all of the PDP’s Ogun State executives, from the state level to the ward level. Members of the first respondent do not make decisions through the legal system. Additionally, the court is not in a position to prohibit members of the executive committee of the first respondent from the state to ward level from taking part in, leading, or overseeing any congress in Ogun State, which was scheduled to begin on April 23, 2022.

The incident that sparked the appeal is not a pre-election matter, according to Justice Uwa. The acquisition of a nomination form for an intended political party candidate, which is obviously the problem at hand, was not covered by Section 258(14)(a-c). If it was intended, it would have been stated in the section.

I contend that the issue brought up by the appellant before the lower court was an intra-party disagreement, and parties have their own policies, regulations, and procedures for how their internal conflicts are to be addressed in accordance with the party’s legislation. Currently, the court is unable to get involved. The law does not accept the appellant’s complaint.

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