TCS New CEO K Krithivasan Says ‘Moving From Chennai More Challenging Than Being CEO’

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TCS CEO-Designate K Krithivasan.

TCS CEO-Designate K Krithivasan.

The USD 25-billion software giant in a surprise announcement last week said its CEO Rajesh Gopinathan has decided to move on from September 15.

On the transition challenges, K Krithivasan, chief executive officer-designate of the country’s largest software services major TCS, recently said in a lighter note that shifting out of Chennai will be more challenging than the job of the CEO.

“Transition is not rocket science as we have a stable team and we have worked together for so many years. Most important, certain business verticals I know well and the rest I will learn from Rajesh, he said, adding, “but we owe to our customers and stakeholders for our success and that will be my core focus — doubling down on our deliveries,” news agency PTI quoted Krithivasan as saying.

He said he is sure about success “as we are blessed with the one-team culture. We have so many leaders to replace me in the BFSI vertical and we don’t expect any dramatic changes going forward. Our core principle has been working with customers and that will continue”.

The USD 25-billion software giant in a surprise announcement last week said Rajesh Gopinathan, its CEO for more than six years with over four years left to his second five-year term, has decided to move on from September 15.

The company had said last week that Krithivasan has been nominated as the CEO designate with immediate effect while Gopinathan, will continue with the company till September 15 to provide transition and support to his successor.

Gopinathan, 52, said this is his first resignation and he has not written a resume since the campus days as he joined Tata Industries 27 years ago from the campus and TCS 22 years ago. He did not reveal his plans after September 15.

On the timing of his resignation, Gopinathan had said, “We are in the most stable times given what we have gone through in recent years. Of course, there are some ups and downs. It was important for me to announce the decision before the start of the new fiscal year.” He refused to reveal his plans, except saying “have many ideas for the future”.

“I feel so happy and light now, it’s completely liberating now, but a week before it was so consuming me a lot. Also, it is always better to leave when the going is good and not when everyone is rooting for my ouster,” he said.

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