Taliban Bars Female Students Enrolled in Foreign Universities from Leaving Kabul

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The Taliban this week, in another violation of their promises made to the international community, disallowed women students enrolled in Kazakhstan and Qatar’s universities from leaving the country.

The Taliban-led government allowed male students to leave Afghanistan to pursue their courses.

The terrorist group has been governing Afghanistan based on hardline interpretation of Islam since taking over the country in August 2021 last year. After taking the reins of power, it has acted in ways that have led many to fear that Afghanistan as a nation has collapsed.

Afghan women are now barred from leaving their homes without a male companion. Women previously employed in official positions have been told to send males from their home to take over those roles. Female students above sixth grade are not allowed to go to schools, colleges or universities. Taliban leaders have also asked women to cover themselves with an all-encompassing burqa.

Rules have been imposed to ensure gender-based segregation in schools across Afghanistan.

Instances of child-marriage or young teenagers below 18 being married off to older men have also been reported from Afghanistan. The women affairs ministry in the name of protection extorts women. Some Taliban leaders have also imposed a smartphone usage ban on women, news agency ANI reported.

Earlier this month, the Taliban terrorists beat up women to dismantle a protest. Several dozens of women chanting ‘Bread, work and freedom’ were demonstrating outside the education ministry building in Kabul but few terrorists came and stopped the protests by firing live rounds in the air.

They then chased those demonstrators while hitting them with rifle butts.

More than 18 million Afghan women continue to suffer under Taliban regime.

The Taliban celebrated one year in power this August. The terrorist group has turned the country into a pariah state as international community has denied helping the nation fearing that the Taliban may misuse the funds intended to help the people.

Afghans are living amid poverty and food insecurity as international aid to the country has stopped. Barring Pakistan, which has emerged as an unofficial mouthpiece of the Taliban, and China no other nation has expressed solidarity, formal or informal, with the regime in Kabul.

(with inputs from Sputnik and ANI)

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