Sprinter Letsile Tebogo Replicates Usain Boult’s ‘Look Back’ Gesture on Way to Setting U20 World Record

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Botswanan sprinter Letsile Tebogo recently retained his U20 World Championship title in Colombia by setting a new world record by clocking 9.91 seconds.

His latest record was just three hundredths of a second off of his own record set at the recent World Championships in Eugene (9.94), where he reached the semi-finals.

Tebogo is deemed as a possible heir of legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and not just on the basis of his performances, but also his antics on the track which are similar to the former Jamaican athlete.

Boult, in one of his races during the 2016 Rio Olympics, glanced back to stare at Andre De Grasse before crossing the finishing line. Similarly, Tebogo was seen teasing his opponents before even crossing the line during the 100m sprint race at the U20 World Championship.


Tebogo, in a statement, said that Usain Boult is his idol and he didn’t meant any disrespect to anyone with his actions.

“The statement was to come out and enjoy the race. If somebody took it as disrespect, I’m really sorry. I saw the fans and (it was so) everybody watching at home can enjoy the race – to remind them a little bit about what Usain Bolt did back in the days. He’s my idol – the person I look up to,” he said.

“I saw they were scared of me, but I was also scared of them. When the gun went off I had to make sure I made the best start of my life and it was the best start of my life. I didn’t plan (the celebration) but as soon as my first step I knew the title was mine. I didn’t worry about the time. I didn’t look,” the Botswanan added.

On being asked about Boult, Tebogo replied, “It’d be a very great pleasure for me to meet him”.

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