Sergio Ramos’s Message to Elon Musk After Losing Twitter Blue Tick

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Last Updated: April 25, 2023, 10:08 IST

Sergio Ramos and Elon Musk (Twitter)

Sergio Ramos and Elon Musk (Twitter)

Elon Musk had announced that users who have more than one million followers will get the blue tick back

Sergio Ramos lashed out at Twitter CEO Elon Musk after the Paris Saint Germain lost his blue checkmark on his account on April 20. FYI: the blue tick is now back. Musk announced that users who have more than one million followers will get the blue tick back. Not only Ramos but a number of prominent celebrities across different fields have also experienced the same due to the platform’s new rule. Utterly disappointed with the regulation, Ramos tweeted, “Elon Musk, eliminating blue badges, forcing payments and making money is one strategy. Eliminating hatred, promoting respect and making Twitter a better place could be another one. Just saying.” The former Real Madrid man also attached two screenshots of vile messages that he received on the platform.

Previously, the blue tick on Twitter was automatically given to well-recognised personalities and organisations. Although, they needed to go through a strict verification process to earn the badge. Things got changed after Elon Musk took over the ownership of the microblogging site in 2022. Musk introduced a new term called “Twitter Blue” and mandated a new rule saying that a person should pay a monthly amount of $8 to buy the checkmark.

After Sergio Ramos’ tweet surfaced on the platform, users went on to take their stands for the Spanish footballer, while calling out Elon Musk to get back the earlier Blue-tick rule. A fan said, “This is just mean and unhealthy, respect your whole family. Elon Musk, this is just wrong.”

Another fan praised Ramos for being vocal about the issue as he said, “Sergio, thank you so much. You are so brave.”

A user referred to a serious problem, saying, “Imagine I had to check the number of followers to know this is The real Ramos.”

Looking at his footballing career, Sergio Ramos is yet to finalise his club for the upcoming season as the PSG centre-back is standing on the brink of concluding his contract with the French side. Ramos has reportedly received some astonishing deals from several teams but he is still awaiting any official statement from the current club. PSG signed the ex-Real Madrid captain in the summer of 2021 for a two-year deal, along with his former Classico rival Lionel Messi. Ramos’ debut season in France was mostly hampered by injury issues. But he went on to become a central figure in the PSG backline in the subsequent season.

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