Peter Obi: The next Nigerian President?

Peter Obi
Peter Obi

Labour party flag-bearer, Mr Peter Obi is speedily gaining momentum in the presidential race.
The 2023 General elections is the most talked about topic both online and offline, debates on who would be Buhari’s successor is on the mouth of many. Nigerians, in a long while, are showing more interest in the electoral process.

This can be easily gleaned from the increase in number of youths at various INEC Voter Registration Centers, increased awareness about the 2023 elections and the overwhelming interest discussions surrounding the elections.

The 2023 elections seems to have created a paradigm shift from the hitherto voter apathy characterizing previous general elections in Nigeria.

While Bola Tinubu is the ‘Jagaban’ of Lagos, one would say Peter Obi is the ‘Jagaban’ of Nigerian youths and masses, giving credence to Obi’s claim that his political structure is the millions of hungry Nigerians and his call to the youths to “Take Back Nigeria” from visionless leaders who are more inclined to consuming the meager sources of the nation. His mantra, “From Consumption to Production” comes to mind.

The labour party presidential candidate is in the mouths of many, his intellectual responses to interviews on sensitive matters is all over the place and without a second thought, one would envision him as Nigeria’s next president.

A number of political juggernauts has come out to say Igbos are not ready for Presidency but i think Nigerian youths and a majority of the masses are ready, judging from the awareness and drums of support been rolled for Mr. Obi. It is instructive to note that Mr. Obi’s support base has defied ethnic colouration as many Nigerians, from diverse ethnic and religious divides are showing support, as seen online.

With the level of awakening amongst Nigerians of present, Mr Peter Obi may become Nigeria’s next president irrespective of his tribe and religion. This may be the actualization of the much touted Third Force that may oust the two major political parties – the APC and PDP.

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