‘Pak, Stop Allowing US Drones to Use Your Airspace’: Taliban Defence Minister Strikes Back over Attacks

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Mullah Yaqoob, Afghanistan’s interim defence minister and son of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar, raised serious allegations against Pakistan over the recent drone attacks in his country.

At a press conference, Yaqoob said that the country’s radar system was destroyed when the Americans evacuated the country last year. “But our intelligence suggested that the US drones were entering through Pakistan,” he said, adding, “We demand that Pakistan does not allow its airspace.”

He emphasized that the use of drones to patrol Afghanistan’s airspace is a clear transgression of the country’s borders.

Previously, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was purportedly killed in a CIA drone attack in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, on August 1. US President Joe Biden broke the news in a live broadcast.


News18 had reported citing sources that Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar had issues with the Haqqani Group.

The Haqqani network is an Islamist terror outfit founded by Jalaluddin Haqqani, who emerged as a top Afghan warlord and insurgent commander during the anti-Soviet war.

would not tolerate “invasions” from its neighbours.

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The comments come after the Taliban administration blamed Pakistan for airstrikes that officials say killed dozens in Kunar and Khost provinces.

Pakistan, which has not confirmed any involvement in airstrikes inside Afghanistan’s borders, had said the two countries are “brotherly”.

“We are facing problems and challenges from both the world and our neighbours, the clear example is invasion by them in our territory in Kunar,” Yaqoob had said at a ceremony in Kabul commemorating the anniversary of the death of his father.

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