Nigerian Air Force bombs yet another raiders’ camp in Zamfara.

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Image credit - Premium Times Nigeria
Image credit – Premium Times Nigeria

The infamous raiders’ commander Dan-Karami’s camp was blasted by the Nigerian Air Force once more in Zamfara State’s Zurmi Local Government Area. 

There was a Thursday night bombardment of the camp that claimed the lives of numerous raiders.

Musa Shehu, a local, claimed to have seen smoke emanating from the camp from a distance. 

Shehu claimed that as the Air Force jet fighter dropped bombs on the camp they could also hear the noises from the bombardment.

Whether Dan-Karami was one of the raiders murdered or not, could be determined at the time this report was filed. 

The inhabitants of Zamfara and Katsina states are terrorized by the feared raiders’ leader, Dan-Karami.

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