New Law Could Force iPhones To Support Sideloading of Apps And Permit Other App Stores

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Apple is facing more pressure from the European Union once again, this time it could be forced to open the gates for other app stores, and support sideloading of apps on the iPhone. EU has passed another law that puts Apple in the spotlight.

The new law requires companies to meet the gatekeeper criteria, which Apple certainly doesn’t, at least from how the company operates and revenues making it an obvious contender to come under the EU’s scanner.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires messaging apps to be interoperable, which means that Apple will be compelled to operate with Google’s RCS Messages and even share its network with Whatsapp.

But the bigger concern for Apple has to be related to the App Store. The DMA wants companies to open their platforms to third-party app stores, which is already possible with Android, but Apple will surely be sweating over the prospect of engaging with developers at an interoperable level.

Sideloading Apps On Apple Could Happen Soon

That’s not all, Apple could also be forced to allow sideloading on iOS, something the company has always been against for security reasons. One must say that the EU has been proactive with various measures in the past few years, putting brands like Apple in a position where changes are inevitable.

Earlier this year, the EU passed a law which made it mandatory for all mobile devices to support USB C for charging. Apple has already confirmed that it will comply with the law but hasn’t given a timeline for making the changes.

And the new DMA ruling is another hammer in its plans, forcing companies to comply with the new terms by March 6, 2024, which is not that far away. Apple’s charging standard changes will have to be implemented by 2024 as well, which implies that the iPhone 15 variant could feature USB C for charging.

We are really keen to see how these new rules come into effect, and if it does, how a giant like Apple concedes to the law, forcing the company to implement changes that it has always rejected. Also, whether Apple will be making these changes only for Europe or all its markets.

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