Man From Hyderabad Passes Away After Collapsing While Playing Badminton

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Last Updated: March 02, 2023, 12:25 IST

Shyam Yadav, a 38-year-old passed away after collapsing to the ground while he was playing badminton at the Professor Jayashankar Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

The unfortunate incident involving Yadav, who hails from the Malkajgiri suburb of Hyderabad, was caught on film by the cameras installed inside the stadium.

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As per the video, Yadav fell to the ground followed by concerned players circling around him to check if everything was alright. But, regrettably, he couldn’t be saved.

Some claim that the man could have been saved if immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation were undertaken.

Yadav’s brother said that he was a sports enthusiast and had a focus on fitness as he would play every day after working at the private firm he was employed at.

Though the exact reason for the misfortune is unknown, it is thought to be an episode of cardiac arrest.

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Alarmingly, this incident is the fifth of such an eerily similar nature in Telangana in the past two weeks.

Earlier, a 19-year-old boy succumbed to the same fate while dancing during the wedding festivities of a relative in Pardi Village, approximately 200 Km from Hyderabad.

There was yet another similar incident as a man met with the same end during a Haldi celebration in Hyderabad. It is being reported that the man fell to the ground while leaning in to apply turmeric to the happy couple.

Next was a 24-year-old police constable, who yielded unceremoniously in similar situations.

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Surprisingly, there was one tale that began the same way as the aforementioned, but, luckily ended in a better manner as another Hyderabadi citizen collapsed while waiting to board a bus in Hyderabad.

Luckily for the citizen, a labourer, traffic police, who was on duty, spotted the predicament and performed emergency CPR, thus saving the man from a grim end.

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