Instagram Sharing Your Location With Other People? Here’s What The Company Said

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If you have seen a viral Instagram post talking about the app sharing location of one user with others, then you should ignore it. Instagram has officially confirmed that it does not share its user’s location with other people.

This statement comes directly from Adam Mosseri, CEO, Instagram, who refuted the claims by the viral post, and assured users that Instagram does not have a policy of sharing locations of its users.

The viral post said that a recent iOS update allowed Instagram to share the location of its users with other people, which is clearly not the case. Mosseri further explains that Instagram uses your phone’s location settings to determine your exact location and tag it on your photos or posts. But it does not share this location since the mapping is tied to the device and not the app.

Following up on Mosseri’s comment, the official Instagram Comms handle shared this statement with its users, “People can manage Location Services via their device settings, and tag locations on their posts if they want to share that information.” The biggest giveaway of this fake viral post is that iOS will never compromise on its user’s privacy, so the question of sharing location is moot.

Also, location tracking is available on iOS and Android, and users can disable it if they are not comfortable for these apps to know their exact position. You do need the feature for apps like Uber, Swiggy and other delivery apps for precise location tracking of your position.

Besides this, Instagram announced it is rolling out a feature that defaults accounts for new users under 16 years old to the most restrictive setting for Sensitive Content Control.

Instagram will default the Sensitive Control Setting for new users under the age of 16 to the ‘less’ setting, which is the most restrictive, meaning the least sensitive content will be shown to such users. Current underage users of the platform will also get a notification that will encourage them to opt-in to the heavier filtering on what the algorithm shows them on Instagram.

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