How China is ‘Punishing’ Taiwan for Hosting Nancy Pelosi?

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China has begun live-fire exercises near the Taiwan Strait but this time it is different as these exercises are being conducted within the sovereign territorial waters of Taiwan which indicates an escalation.

The Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times shared a map on Twitter which showed six regions surrounding the Taiwan island where live-fire exercises will be conducted as a response to the visit by the US House Speaker.

There is a reason why these drills should be taken seriously by the US and those who support Taiwan’s independence.

If lessons are to be learned from the war on Ukraine, Russia conducted several war drills before it invaded Ukraine. Russia even teamed with Belarus in 2020 Zapad war drills and carried out a mock invasion of Lithuania.

While it is not a clear indication that China will invade Taiwan, the war drills conducted in Taiwanese waters are an escalation which is why the Taiwanese government and its military denounced the war drills.

Map of Taiwan and its surrounding waters, highlighting the areas of the Chinese military drills from August 4-7
Map of Taiwan and its surrounding waters, highlighting the areas of the Chinese military drills from August 4-7 (Image: AFP)

The Taiwanese defence ministry accused China of violating international law and Taiwan’s sovereignty for their live-fire military exercises.

Nathan Ruser, a researcher at ASPI Cyber Policy, in a tweet pointed out that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) plans to conduct military operations within Taiwan’s internal waters. The researcher described the act as unacceptable and said it is ‘as close as you can get without landing on the beaches’.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is effectively facing an air and naval blockade imposed by the PLA.

The nation is now discussing alternative aviation routes with Japan and the Philippines after the PLA said that live fire drills will continue until Sunday. Taiwan’s Maritime and Port Bureau, according to a report by CNN, advised vessels to use alternative routes for seven ports around the island.

Even though Pelosi said the US will not abandon Taiwan and the support for the island is ironclad, after her departure from Taipei, the nation will still remain alert to see if China escalates tensions further.

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