Here’s What Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Has To Say About Recent Layoffs

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Jack Dorsey who is the former CEO at Twitter has apologised to the people who have been laid off from the company after Elon Musk completed his buyout last week. He claims to have grown the company size quickly, which he believes has led to the current situation, where Twitter was forced to consider a sale from Elon Musk of all people.

“Folks at Twitter past and present are strong and resilient. They will always find a way no matter how difficult the moment. I realize many are angry with me. I own the responsibility for why everyone is in this situation: I grew the company size too quickly. I apologize for that,” Dorsey wrote in his post.

He even mentions that he understands that not everyone will be mutual in this instance, especially with all the mass layoffs happening at the company. Many replied to his tweet suggesting that Dorsey was a bad leader and that he chose a bad successor, Elon Musk in this case.

Having said that, the actual successor to Dorsey was Parag Agrawal, who was fired along with a few other senior Twitter management earlier this week. Agrawal is reportedly set to receive compensation of around $42 million for his ouster from the company before his contract. Dorsey had the power to outvote those favouring the Elon Musk deal, but it seems the $44 billion offer was too good to reject, even for Dorsey.

Elon Musk has wasted no time in making wholesale changes at Twitter. He has approved layoffs of around 50 per cent of the staff, including the whole communications, and marketing teams working in India. Social media has been abuzz with criticism of Musk and his decision-making, to which he claimed that Twitter has been losing $4 million each day on staff expenses.

This whole saga is unlikely to end soon, but many believe Dorsey had a big role in the current predicament at the platform.

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