Google Pixel 7a Shaping Up To Be A Solid Mid-Range Android Phone: All Details

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Google made a decent start with the Pixel 7 series this year, and now it seems to have turned its focus towards the mid-range cousin of the lineup, which is the Pixel 7a. Last year’s Pixel 6a had some strong points but most people couldn’t see it compete with the other Android brands in the range.

Now, the company could improve on its focus, and deliver a strong Pixel 6a successor as per the reports cited this week.

One developer has found access to some of the codenames for upcoming Pixel phones, which he believes is the Pixel 7a, and the reported features of this device look promising. He says that the Pixel 7a will carry a different set of dual rear cameras with improved sensors for better photography.

The report also mentions that Pixel 7a could offer support for wireless charging, something that the Pixel 6a didn’t offer. But expect the feature to offer just 5W charging speed. In addition to this Pixel 7a could get a high refresh rate screen, which also wasn’t available on its predecessor. Pixel 6a was the first A-series phone from Google that came without a headphone jack, so it is assumed that from now on Pixel a phones will not get the feature.

While these upgrades, if they do happen, are decent, we are concerned if all these additions will force Google to bump up the price of the Pixel 7a.

As you might recall, the Pixel 6a had a reasonable price in the US market, but in countries like India, Google priced it at Rs 43,999 which puts it in a premium category. And with these new features, we fear Google might push it over Rs 45,000 which will cannibalise demand for the Pixel 7 if the features prove to be of better value.

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