Google Decides To Discontinue Street View On Android: What It Means

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Google has confirmed its plans to end support for the Street View Android app from next year. As mentioned by 9To5Google in its report, Google is preparing for the shutdown by releasing multiple messages that will be shown on the Street View app.

In the notice, the company has informed users to rely on Google Maps or Street View Studio for their 360-degree navigation purpose, as the Street View app will end on March 31, 2023. “Street View App is going away and support will end March 21, 2023,” the company was quoted as saying in the report. “To publish your own 360 video, switch to Street View Studio. To view Street View and add Photo Spheres, use Google Maps.”

Basically, what Google is saying that people have always relied on Maps to use Street View, so it doesn’t see the point of having a standalone Street View app on Android. Clearing up the decks by discontinuing the app, Google can shift the resources for improvements on the existing Street View interface within Google Maps.

Street View has been around for many years, but Google only brought it to India in 2022. The delay was because of lack of security clearance from the Indian Government, who viewed Street View as a possible national security issue, allowing people to freely map different parts of the country.

Street View offers a 360-degree view of almost any street, making it ideal for people to view places from their mobile screen. Google allows people to post/upload photos of restaurants of favourite tourist places, giving them a life-like appearance of the location, which the regular Maps cannot offer.

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