Former WWE Writer Set to Sue Company Over Damaging Stereotypical Storylines and Scripts

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Former WWE writer, Britney Abrahams, has alleged that Vince McMahon and multiple other executives at the WWE had her fired for resisting the use of offensive racial stereotypes in storylines of black wrestlers.

Abrahams, a woman of colour, was fired from the renowned brand under the pretext of carrying home a Wrestlemania-branded chair, which was said to be a common practice that went unpunished amongst male, white writers.

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Abrahams has filed a lawsuit alleging that the company had decided to fire her from her role as she objected to the inclusion of potentially damaging stereotypes in the storylines and character traits of black wrestlers such as Bianca Belair and Apollo Crews.

Abrahams complained of racial stereotypes in writing, stating that there was a line that Bianca Belair was instructed to deliver, “Uh-Uh! Don’t make me take off my earrings and beat your ass!”.

She also took issue with Crews being instructed to speak with an exaggerated and stereotypical Nigerian accent, which was ultimately rejected.

She also shed light on some scripts that suggested a black wrestler dress up in drag. However, the pitch was scrapped citing issues pertaining to the promotion of dangerous stereotypes.

Horrifyingly, another pitch suggested a storyline script pertaining to a Muslim wrestler with ties to the infamous 9/11 incident, which was ultimately scrapped too.

And in the company’s defence, vice President Christine Lubrano said “Wacky things are said in the writer’s room all the time!”

“Look at the waves we’re making in the company. 4 years ago, no woman worked on the writer’s team!”, he added.

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Abrahams, who joined the company as a writer back in 2020, said that she was fired in retaliation for her fight against racially damaging scripts and plotlines in the year 2022.

McMahon resumed duties at the WWE earlier in the year after a brief sabbatical as the 77-year-old was under the microscope of the officials in relation to the alleged rape and sexual harassment of female employees.

WWE announced a merger with UFC recently, in a deal worth a whopping $21 .4 billion.

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