For These Visakhapatnam Friends, Lockdown Was a Blessing in Disguise

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Many turned entrepreneurs after the 2020 lockdown.

Many turned entrepreneurs after the 2020 lockdown.

They started their business by investing a little bit and leased a place in Dondapudi village.

The COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 across the country led many to lose their job. Many jobless people along with their families also migrated to their hometowns as they were unable to afford the necessities in the city. And hence, many people turned entrepreneurs after losing their jobs or leaving their jobs. And we have one such story of two friends from Visakhapatnam who decided to start their own business after they were relieved from their previous jobs.

Narsing from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and Nakka Raju from Kothakota village in Telangana turned their art into a business. Both have done their schooling until Class 7 and Class 10 respectively and are artisans who make statues out of Plaster of Paris and clay. They used to work under someone in Visakhapatnam and lost their jobs during the pandemic which motivated them to start their venture. They started their business by investing a little bit and leased a place in Dondapudi village.

They started making chairs and tables in the shape of fruits and different elements as per the customer’s need along with life-size statues of cows, leopards, dancers, horses and even idols of lord Krishna and Lord Vishu.

At the beginning of their business, they received small orders but gave quality work at a low cost just to improve their skills. A few of the customers appreciated their craftsmanship and slowly their order numbers increased over the months. Speaking with News18 Kannada, they shared that at present they receive each order worth more than Rs 1 lakh and stated that their business is running well.

Currently, cutting the expensive cost of their products, both friends are on a profitable scale. They had earlier planned to expand their business post-corona where they were considering having a good profit margin.

Currently, they are busy making statues of farmers. Amazing right?

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