Floyd Mayweather Demands Staggering £10,000 Fee To Appear On Podcast

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YouTube sensation True Geordie has revealed that boxing legend Floyd Mayweather demanded a £10,000 to appear on his popular podcast. Mayweather has been a pioneer in the sporting fraternity and possesses an immense amount of wealth. Living up to his nickname ‘Money’, the 50-0 boxer has an estimated net worth of $450 million. Since his retirement, Mayweather has established a lot of investments and charges hefty amounts for making appearances on shows and events.

True Geordie recently discovered this when he attempted to book Mayweather for a special episode of his True Geordie Podcast. He enquired about Mayweather’s availability for collaboration with his confidant only to find out that he would have to pay a remuneration of £10,000 if he had to land the Boxing maestro.

“I once asked to get Floyd Mayweather on the podcast but this is what made me wonder about his finances. I thought I’ll ask through the friend of a friend. I got quoted ten grand to have him on the podcast,” True Geordie said in the latest episode of his podcast.

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“I didn’t know what to make of that. If you’ve got loads of money, why quote me ten grand? I just think that everything is for a price with him and maybe that’s just him being smart. But I didn’t pay it,” he added.

True Geordie has over 2 million followers on YouTube. Celebs like WWE star Logan Paul, England footballer Kieran Trippier, and the legendary Undertaker have featured in the show. True Geordie would have loved to add Mayweather to the mix but accommodating him proved to be too much for his pocket.

Mayweather announced his retirement from professional boxing in 2017, after defeating UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a blockbuster inter-promotional fight. The pay-per-view bout that was won by Mayweather generated massive revenue for both parties.

The former featherweight champion subsequently returned for a number of exhibition bouts, most recently trouncing Mikuru Asakura in less than two rounds. Mayweather will be back in the ring for another exhibition bout against YouTuber Deji Olatunji later this year.

Deji is the younger brother of popular rapper and social media sensation KSI. Deji’s records haven’t been sensational as he started off with three defeats but in his most recent encounter, he outclassed fellow YouTuber Fousey Saleh. Mayweather would be a massive step up for Deji and it’ll be interesting to see how he fares with an elite boxer.

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