Elon Musk Says Twitter Blue With Verification Coming Back Next Week

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Continuing his tradition of sharing big news via Twitter, Elon Musk confirmed that Twitter Blue with verification is coming back next week. Twitter Blue has been making the news, for good and some bad reasons. Musk and Co. decided to take down Twitter Blue, which now offers the blue tick or verification of Twitter accounts.

People were asked to pay $8 (Rs 640 approx) which gets users a slew of features, and the elusive blue tick on their accounts as well. But this model was criticised after some people bought the blue ticks (via Twitter Blue) and impersonated other accounts, which Twitter was unable to stop.

An impostor account posing as pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co. and registered under the revamped Twitter Blue system tweeted that insulin was free, forcing the Indianapolis company to post an apology. Nintendo, Lockheed Martin, Musk’s own companies Tesla and SpaceX were also impersonated, as well as the accounts of various professional sports and political figures.

For advertisers who have put their business with Twitter on hold, the fake accounts could be the last straw: Musk’s rocky run atop the platform — laying off half its workforce and triggering high-profile departures — has raised questions about its survivability.

Twitter now has two categories of “blue checks,” and they look identical. One includes the accounts verified before Musk took helm. It notes that “This account is verified because it’s notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.” The other notes that the account subscribes to Twitter Blue.

But as of midday Friday, Twitter Blue was not available for subscription.

On Thursday, Musk tweeted that “too many corrupt legacy Blue ‘verification’ check marks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming months.”

Twitter Blue was also expected to launch in India by end of November, but it remains to be seen if Musk can still hold up to that timeline for users in the country.

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