Elias Returns at RAW for a Live Musical Performance; ‘Proves’ He is Not Ezekiel

The Monday Night RAW had a special segment featuring a live musical performance by Ezekiel’s elder brother, Elias. The entire WWE world is now convinced that Kevin Owens is the only person that thinks that the two brothers are the same person.

Before Elias entered the arena to perform for the fans, he had a backstage segment with Zeke discussing their current life as Elias tuned his guitar. Elias said that he’s been traveling and performing music on the road, but nothing compares to the passionate WWE fans. Nonetheless, he is pleased for his younger brother, who is following his aspirations, and urges him to pursue the Money in the Bank title.

After welcoming the audience to his show and basking in the WWE Universe, he revealed that his song is dedicated to his younger brother. Before the song could begin, Kevin Owens entered the arena and stopped Elias from performing.

He claimed that the video proved nothing and it has all been done by using special effects. Ezekiel then appeared on the massive arena screen and stated emphatically that he and Elias are not the same person.

Elias then made the fans sing along to a song about how “Kevin Owens is a liar,” which irritated Kevin. He lost his cool and destroyed the guitar before throwing it out of the ring.

Elias was furious with Kevin’s behavior and hit Owens with his signature jumping knee, followed by a guitar shot to the back of his head. The ring sequence concludes, and as Kevin falls to the back, a backstage interviewer asks if he feels Elias and Ezekiel are separate individuals. Owens still seemed skeptical and claimed that Zeke may have pre-recorded the part and pasted a false beard to impersonate Elias.

Owens said that he wants to take on Ezekiel, Elias, or anybody, perhaps even their younger brother, Elrod. Zeke emerges out of nowhere and announces that he accepts Owens’ challenge and will see him next week.

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