Diljit Dosanjh’s UK Concerts Could Have Done with A ‘Tune-up’

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Last Updated: September 01, 2022, 09:30 IST

Diljit Dosanjh did a string of concerts in Britain. File pic/Twitter

Diljit Dosanjh did a string of concerts in Britain. File pic/Twitter

Also, Indian students and tourists are landing in Britain in large numbers

Sound and fury: That Diljit Dosanjh ran a string of concerts across the UK and that some of these drew reasonable attendance is doubtless a triumph of the basic. Of an embarrassing basic that is. That such deafening inanity can produce stardom of sorts is among the mysteries of pop culture.

But pop culture can produce excellence of its own. Dosanjh was at the dumb end of its possibilities. There can still be room for Bhangra music of this kind at a weekend club or a drunken party. But to sit hours listening to this after sitting a couple of hours waiting for it to start opens up credible claims for refunds on the basis of bad taste. To be fair these could be refused on grounds of lack of objective testing, and because it was a sign of bad taste to begin with to buy a ticket for such as this.

What this says about Dosanjh’s Twitter spat with his friend the actress is uncertain. What is certain is that this was never a spat between two artists, only between two busybodies masquerading as artists because there are fortunately for both a sufficient number of people out there who don’t know better.

A new chapter: The Indian love affair with Britain is back. And how. New figures show that nearly 118,000 Indian students received a student visa in the UK for the year ending June 2022, according to the British High Commission in Delhi. That marks an 89 per cent increase from the previous year. India, we are told, has now overtaken China as the largest nationality being given sponsored study visas in the UK.

Britain continues to attract more and more tourists from India as well. Indians accounted for 28 per cent of visitor visas granted, the most to any nationality, and adding up to more than a quarter of a million. That was a 630 per cent increase over the previous Covid-hit year. The British allure endures.

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