Czech Police Want 21 Indicted in Match-Fixing Case

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Czech police said on Thursday they had asked a prosecutor to indict 21 people and a company in a match-fixing case involving lower-tier football competitions.

“The criminal proceedings involve the crimes of ‘bribery’, ‘accepting a bribe’, ’embezzlement’ and ‘participation in an organised crime group’,” police said in a tweet.

They added one suspect faced up to 12 years in prison and three others up to 10 years, and that none of the suspects was in custody, but they did not give any names.

Police detained 19 people over the case in October 2020, including Roman Berbr, who was the deputy head of the Czech Football Association (FACR) since 2013.

Local media said Berbr, a former referee who had stepped down from the post after being detained, had long been pulling the strings in Czech football.

The media have made allegations about him in relation to corruption cases and bullying at the FACR, but he has never been charged.

Last year, a Prague court sentenced Miroslav Pelta, the FACR head from 2011 to 2017, to six years in prison for manipulating sports subsidies.

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