Click the video below to watch Kenneth Okonkwo’s interview with Channels Television as he criticizes Nollywood actors for endorsing presidential candidates

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Kenneth Okonkwo
Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo, an actor, dismisses his coworkers’ support for presidential candidates. 

Kenneth Okonkwo, a Nollywood actor, and Labour Party supporter has criticized his Nollywood colleagues for endorsing presidential candidates, calling them nothing more than paid props.

On Thursday, Okonkwo, who recently left the All Progressives Congress for the LP made this statement on Channels TV’s “Politics Today.”

When asked about some of his colleagues showing support for a presidential candidate, he claimed his unawareness of it and made known the idea of some of his colleagues being both actors and politicians and their entitlement to a hand-out for keeping up appearances.

He also requested the reasons for their affiliation with such candidates.

“I’m not aware. Many of them are politicians, so they are entitled to visit anybody and collect their appearance fee. I am here talking as a politician not as a Nollywood practitioner. An actor is entitled to his appearance fee and if you call him as an actor,

you ought to pay him. If I was invited as an actor, if I am not a politician, I would tell you what you would pay as appearance fee. And so let us forget them. When they say they are politicians, you see them here and you ask them questions, let us know the reason why they are following any candidate.”

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