Apple’s Lockdown Mode For iPhone Might Be Less Safe For Online Browsing: What It Means

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Apple introduced its new Lockdown Mode for iPhone users with the new iOS 16 version. It is supposed to protect people in the event their phone is infected with powerful spywares like Pegasus. But a new report suggests the Lockdown Mode could make it less safe for people to browse online on an iPhone. So the whole purpose of this mode has been rendered pointless?

According to privacy experts quoted by Motherboard in this report say that when a person uses their iPhone in the Lockdown Mode, it prevents websites from loading custom fonts.

This difference itself is enough for attackers to know which device has been infected with the malware, allowing them to target it further. Experts point out that such a limitation of the Lockdown Mode means Apple has chosen security over privacy of a user.

When using the iPhone in Lockdown Mode, you can still detect the IP address of the device, so essentially, Apple is only protecting the phone, not the person in general.

“When the iPhone is in Lockdown Mode, it will not function as it typically does. Apps, websites, and features will be strictly limited for security, and some experiences will be completely unavailable,” this is what Apple has to say about the Lockdown Mode.

Experts agree that Apple is not at fault for this weakness with the Lockdown Mode, and they know that most platforms that look to secure people or devices have this unique identifier that makes them easy targets.

Having said that, Lockdown Mode is not going to be applicable for all iPhone users. It is expected to be used only by select users, who fear they will be targeted by the authorities, something that became prevalent with the Pegasus spyware episode in recent times. The layer of security added with this Mode is strong in most cases.

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