Apple Watch Comes To A User’s Rescue, Helps In Detecting A Deadly Tumour

Apple Watch has become a vital tool to detect health issues over the years, helping people save themselves from major events. And the Apple Watch is back in the news for a similar episode, this time helping a person detect a deadly tumour. A user from the US named Kim Durkee got a warning from her Apple Watch, that for two nights. She got an alert which said that her heart was experiencing atrial fibrillation a few months back.

Initially, Kim thought that the Apple Watch was giving false alerts, but then she got another warning. “The third night, the numbers went a little too high for comfort,” Durkee was quoted as saying.

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“Then I said, you know what, go to the emergency room if they tell you it is nothing to worry about, then toss the watch,” she added. Her worries came out to be true as the alert was for actual atrial fibrillation but the cause was an unknown, aggressive tumour.

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“Doctors in Maine soon confirmed that her heart was beating erratically for a simple and scary reason. She had a myxoma, a rare, fast-growing tumor that was choking off her heart’s blood supply and would have eventually caused a stroke,” the report said.

With the warnings given by Apple Watch, doctors got her to Massachusetts General Hospital, and they removed the deadly tumour during five-hour open heart surgery.

The report mentioned that Durkee had no symptoms other than the atrial fibrillation that her Apple Watch caught. The four-centimeter and quickly growing tumour was expected to have “almost certainly” killed her had it not been found.

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This isn’t the first time this year when we are hearing about rescue stories provided by the Apple Watch. Back in March, a report said that the Apple Watch saved the life of a dentist from Yamunanagar in Haryana who bought the wearable device as a birthday gift for his wife.

The user was Nitesh Chopra, who bought Apple Watch Series 6 on his wife’s birthday. When he checked his electrocardiogram (ECG) on the Watch, it twice showed arrhythmia signals or irregular heartbeats. Feeling uneasy, he got himself checked at a nearby hospital. An angiography report later showed a massive blockage, following which doctors recommended stent implantation.

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