Apple Is Now Offering Self-Repair Service For MacBooks As Well: All details

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Apple is now extending its self-repair service to MacBook users. The company started this unique program with iPhones earlier this year, and now you have MacBook users getting the option to repair their machines at home using original Apple tools.

Apple will start selling the genuine parts and service tools from August 23.

The company is starting the self-repair program for the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro with the M1 chipset. Apple will offer the tools that can be bought to or rented for one-time use by paying $49 (Rs 3,920 approx).

The self-repair program is part of Apple looking to abide by the Right to Repair regulations in the US, and likely to expand to some parts of Europe.

Apple started the iPhone self-repair program, and then we got other brands follow suit. Samsung and Google have also introduced similar initiatives but the impact is not visible yet. Apple’s iPhone self-repair program was criticised for offering expensive tools and high-end parts that are exclusively available through the company.

Apple has said that it will expand the programme to more countries throughout 2022, meaning that the Apple Self Service Repair programme could make it to India later in 2022.

Apple has long been a target for right-to-repair advocates because of its practice of locking down its software so that parts are encoded to a specific device. Some attempted repairs — such as replacing a broken original screen with one made by a third party — have left phones unusable.

There are limits to the changes that Apple is making but it’s still being considered a big milestone. But there are issues with the program. Apple is offering its own set of tools for a 7-day rental at $49, and consumers can only use the parts that have been approved by Apple. The tool kit packs a heavy range of equipments, which might not be necessary for repairs all the time.

Apple even wants to track the spare parts in circulation, making sure the iPhones used for repair are legitimate, unless it is more than happy to de-verify the device for such repairs.

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