Apple In India Could Be Making 25 Percent Of All iPhones By 2025: Report

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Apple is going to give a hefty push to its make in India iPhone plans in the coming years, and is expected to use the country to manufacture 25 percent of the global production by 2025. These details have been shared by analysts at J.P. Morgan in a report this week, which also suggests the company to reduce its reliance on China for production of other Apple products as well.

The report hardly comes as a surprise, but the timeline of 2025 means Apple is going to push its plans much faster than imagined. One might say that 25 percent of the global iPhone production can be a lot for a market which is only just getting into global standards of production.

China has been the manufacturing hub for many years now, but with the pandemic and the geopolitical tensions between China and US, it is imperative that Apple has a Plan B in place in case similar events happen again in the future. The same timeline has been mentioned for Apple deciding to take production of iPad, MacBooks and Apple Watch out of China.

Apple has already set the base for its production plans in India, which started with the iPhone SE model in 2017. Since then, the company has manufactured iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and even the iPhone 13 vanilla model.

It is also close to starting production of iPhone 14 in the country, shortening the timeline between its launch plans. The likes of Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron are expected to be at the forefront of local manufacturing in India, with local players like the Tata Group also expected to join the ranks.

These changes haven’t really made a difference to the local prices of the iPhones in India, since most of the materials are imported and assembled by the company.

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