Android 13 Lets Users Change Language For Each App: How It Works

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Android 13 is available on select devices right now, but its feature set means that users will get a lot of options and customisation tools on their smartphones. Google has already shared the details and code for Android 13, and brands have rolled out their respective Android 13 beta versions as well.

As you might be aware Android 13 is currently available on select Samsung Galaxy phones, and the Google Pixel lineup, which includes the Pixel 4a and the latest Pixel 6a as well.

And one of the features that has caught our eyes is the ability to change the language for each app. That’s right, you can change the preferred language for each app, instead of using one for all of them. If you have a Samsung or a Google Pixel phone (with support for Android 13), here’s how it works

How To Change Language For Each App On Samsung Phones

– Go To Settings on the Samsung phone

– Scroll down to General Management and click on it

– Select App Languages

– Choose any one app from the list which you want to change the language

– Choose the language and the region for the app to change the settings

– Now the app will show you content in the selected language

How To Change Language For Each App On Google Pixel Phone

– Open Settings on the Google Pixel phone

– Go to System and scroll down to click on Languages & Input

– Select App Languages and choose one app from the list

– Change the language for the app as per your preference

– Now you will see the new language setting on the app

The setting is only available on Android 13 but we are hoping that Google can find some way to offer it for older Android versions as well. After all, there are many people who speak in multiple languages, and for them this feature could be really useful.

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