Andrew Tate Challenges KSI And True Geordie For Fight On Same Night

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Former professional kickboxer and internet personality, Andrew Tate, recently went on record and claimed that he would fight KSI and True Geordie on the same night. The TikTok star was recently banned from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for his extremely misogynistic views.


The statement comes as a reaction to Geordie’s views that he expressed about Tate on a podcast show called Flagrant, which features the popular stand-up comedian, Andrew Schulz. The conversation started following a question asked by podcast member Mark Gagnon. Mark asked, “What’s the origin of your back and forth with Andrew Tate?”

Geordie stated that Tate has been “chasing fame for years.” On being asked if he would box Tate, Geordie said, “If he came up to me in my face, I would absolutely punch him in the face.”

Take a look at the bit from the podcast here:

You can watch the full podcast here:

The statement from Geordie reached Tate who, obviously, did not take it well and got agitated hearing it. Tate gave a profanity-filled response saying, “I f**ing dare you to try, fatso! I dare you, fatty! You fat. I dare you to even try it. You wouldn’t do s**t. You wouldn’t do a thing (sic).”

He then added, “I will fight KSI and True Geordie in the same night. Make that for a YouTube boxing show. I will beat both of them. Sorry True Geordie, you’re gonna have to take some time off sucking things and go for a run.”


According to the entertainment platform, Dexerto, YouTuber Logan Paul once stated that he does not want to fight Tate, as he did not want to give a platform to the guy. “I don’t feel like platforming this guy. I don’t feel like giving him the blessing of being my dance partner in the ring. Especially after the social media platforms have made it very clear how they feel about this guy,” Logan said.

KSI, who has been a part of multiple fights, once called out Tate, saying, “I want to have a piece of that.”

However, it is far from determining if the KSI and Geordie will be up for the challenge.

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