Amazon’s Newly Launched CodeWhisperer Joins AI Code Completion Space

The American tech giant Amazon announced the launch of CodeWhisperer at its re:Mars conference on June 23.

CodeWhisperer is an AI pair programming tool akin to GitHub’s Copilot that can autocomplete entire functions based on just a comment or a few keystrokes. This tool is the latest addition to the growing field of AI code completion solutions.

The business used its codebase, billions of lines of open-source code made available to the public, publicly accessible documentation, and publicly accessible code on public forums to train the system, which at the moment supports Java, JavaScript, and Python.

According to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog post attributed to Jeff Barr, chief evangelist of AWS: “Trained on billions of lines of code and powered by machine learning, CodeWhisperer has the same goal. Whether you are a student, a new developer, or an experienced professional, CodeWhisperer will help you to be more productive.”

“We are launching in preview form with support for multiple IDEs and languages,” the blog post stated. So, this implies that developers can utilise it straight away inside their favourite IDEs.

An IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, allows programmers to simplify the process of building a computer programme.

The post further noted that “the preview supports code written in Python, Java, and JavaScript, using VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, and AWS Cloud9. Support for the AWS Lambda Console is in the works and should be ready very soon”.

However, Amazon noted that the algorithm continuously analyses the code and comments and even takes into consideration the programmer’s personal coding preferences and variable names. It will then generate its own unique code snippets using this contextual information and the location of the cursor.

As per the post: “You can use the recommendations as-is, or you can enhance and customize them as needed. We trained (and continue to train) CodeWhisperer on billions of lines of code drawn from open source repositories, internal Amazon repositories, API documentation, and forums.”

By submitting a request form, the developers who want to test out Amazon’s new code completion tool can sign up for the waitlist.

Developers can install the AWS IDE Toolkit, enable the CodeWhisperer functionality, and begin using the tool after receiving a preview access code, according to the blog post.

If a developer inputs “#See if a number is pr,” CodeWhisperer will propose to complete the word prime, and if the solution is accepted, the AI-driven bot will then recommend a description and even a whole function, which developers can accept or alter.

Recently, GitHub Copilot, one of CodeWhisperer’s rivals, became generally available. Other contenders include Kite Team Server, which supports more than a dozen languages, as well as Tabnine, which enables developers to train the code completion AI on their own code.

Kite, IBM’s Project CodeNet, and DeepMind’s Alphacode are additional contenders in the AI code completion market.

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