5 Ways Google Wants To Protect Indians From Payments And Online Scams

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Google is back in the news with its latest edition of the Safer India event, where the company talks about various initiatives to protect the internet users. Google announced that India has 700 million users online as of August 25, which has grown from 600 million in the past one year.

Google is also bringing new campaigns for the safety of online transactions, and especially keeping them aware about various scams that are out there to prey on them. The company also cited a Norton report which talks about a staggering 18 million cyberattacks in the first 5 months of 2022 in India.

Many people have talked about receiving false electricity board messages and even job opening profiles, and clicking on them can end up hurting the user in different ways. Such scammers have become hard to track, and even Google, with all its might in AI and ML has not been able to thwart the danger.

It claims to have acted on these scammers by suspending their accounts, and restricting entry of these actors, but even then, incidents like these have been hard to control.

So, now the company wants to educate people, for which it is coming out with ad campaigns that make them aware about such instances, and asking them to be careful when such messages come to their phones.


The online scam also includes people mistakenly sharing their payment codes with scammers, who end up stealing money from their bank accounts. Google says that it protects 200,000 users with safety alerts on Google Pay everyday.

The education part is also trickling down to the developers, and Google is starting a Cybersecurity Roadshow for developers, with an aim to upskill 100,000 developers with better understanding of security, privacy and encryption among others.

Google also showcased its new Child Protection Website for India which will be available in local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and more to be added in the coming months.

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